Ten department issued by the development of medical science and technology, military and civilian depth fusion guidance


  Publishes ten departments issued by the development of medical science and technology, military and civilian depth fusion guidance

  China securities network , according to defense department website on November 27, to carry out fall internships, chairman of the military and civilian development significant strategic thought depth fusion, flexibly 10 departments recently jointly issued by the "about comprehensive guidance to promote the development of medical science and technology, military and civilian depth fusion", and as a whole from the national level strengthen macro policy guidance, the army medical science and technology is rooted in the soil, "innovation" to form powerful force to promote the development of national defense medical science and technology innovation, speed up the construction of total factor, in various fields, high benefit of military and civilian depth integration development pattern.

  "Opinion" by the health, the ministry of science and technology, national health and family planning commission, the ministry of education, ministry of industry and information technology, the state food and drug supervision bureau, the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine, the national natural science foundation, 10 departments jointly issued by the Chinese academy of sciences, Chinese academy of engineering, to promote the national defense medical science and technology innovation from the "force of the army" to the "wisdom" of the national transformation development. Flexibly "opinions" pointed out that the relevant departments will be the top in the national military and civilian integration as a whole management system, establish and perfect the system of work in consultation with, regular directional release major science and technology demand and project application guidelines, flexibly and demand docking channels; Develop the science and technology research, major incident emergency response work plan, improve the reaction speed and collaborative efficiency; Take the project funding, tax incentives, such as prior purchasing way, encouraging local units involved in the military medical research and medical equipment research and development of science and technology; Build the army medical science and technology achievements transformation project libraries, military units, using the methods such as technology transfer and cooperation to promote military medicine efficient transformation of scientific and technological achievements to the civil field.

  "People join the army" in order to further open channels, to break the "glass door" civil-military integration, flexibly combined constructing resources platform, to strengthen the construction of innovation team, support and fiscal investment, industry, local subsidies, social financing guarantee way, such as diversified funds, launched a batch of civil-military integration of medical science and technology major projects, guide to promote infrastructure, information, technology, talent, capital and other elements to the development of major products, meet the demand of focus and solve the important issues in cluster, form the national defense construction and economic construction of medical service industry cluster innovation system of science and technology and biological medicine. "Fighting and winning the" requirements, "opinion" forefront of world science and technology and the national major strategic needs, to clear a batch of medical science and technology development of key areas and depth fusion, brain science, virtual reality, biological materials, such as large data flexibly on joint research priority and important gripper, actively take global biotechnology frontier strategic high ground control and military medical science and technology development.

  The health leaders, military health system attaches great importance to for a long time of civil-military integration of medical science and technology development, through two five-year plan continues to advance, to gradually build a "mechanism innovation, science and technology cooperation condition construction, personnel training, emergency and technological" five flexibly the integration of collaborative development model. Under the background of the new era, "opinion" issued to guide and to mobilize local resources to solve the problem of difficult point of military medical support of science and technology, new quality, and the fighting capacity, safeguard people's health to provide a powerful policy support and scientific guidance.

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