Two hospital of deyang city: science and technology is popular the new strides


  December 21, sichuan news net deyang (Emily) to strengthen scientific research consciousness, adhere to scientific and technological innovation to promote the hospital development, the city hospital by developing new technology and new project awards, construction of key discipline construction and talent power discipline measures such as, arouse the enthusiasm and creativity of medical workers, promote the construction of an innovative hospital, further improve the medical quality and service level. Second this year, the city hospital improve the clinical diagnosis and treatment of new technology, new project access and management system, and the new project rewards, to encourage the professional department to develop new technology, new projects.

  City in 2015 were held four hospital expert committee, examination and approval by 45 new technology, application of new project project, realizing a complete coverage of department. One of neurosurgery, started in 2015 the wetted pager device research and development and clinical application has been successfully won the national utility model patent.

  The hospital according to the measures for the management of key discipline construction, strengthen the standardization of subject construction. In deyang city key specialty of neurosurgery, orthopaedics, regions, endocrine specialized subject, based on the 2015 annual report of the provincial key specialty of 2, 3 key specialty of municipal level. The hysteroscopic and laparoscopic treatment of obstetrics and gynecology disease of department of gynaecology of deyang city to achieve a field of obstetrics and gynaecology minimally invasive technology zero breakthrough. Heart successful implementation of emergency PCI in acute myocardial infarction with surgery (percutaneous coronary intervention), implement emergency PCI surgery, zero breakthrough. Obstetrics and gynecology and heart are well accepted in December with the municipal key specialty experts acceptance.

  Combination of training and the introduction of talent power discipline construction. 2015 hospital training special funds is three times as much as 2014. Hospital doctors to encourage all hospitals medical technology developed regions such as Beijing, Shanghai, guangdong, studying abroad and talent of the exchange of learning. In addition, the hospital each year also geared to the needs of key medical colleges in sichuan public employment, the master professional talents of all enrichment, key disciplines, and for cultivating new forces.

  Retrospective work in 2015, the second hospital counterpart support, assistance in aba, large free clinic to highlight nature of public hospitals, style improvement, technology promote the medical behavior more standard, standing forward service, the responsibility system for the overall nursing service continuously improve service quality. And city hospital in new technology and new projects and discipline construction, for the potential of the whole line running forward, science and technology promoted the new strides city hospital. (news hotline: 0838-2228968)

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