Finally the end-result of mobile medical Internet hospital will be?


  Just ended the second world assembly on the Internet has attracted many people's attention, especially the Internet bosses often "mirror". One of the less known, are the details of the light of the "Internet" fair acquisition always stopped in micro medical group booth for up to six minutes, and the biggest bright spot is the wuzhen in tongxiang city hand in hand to build micro medical group Internet hospital.

  In a previous article, the author explored the possibility of wuzhen Internet hospital are copied, also has carried on the exchange and the reader. Universal problem is that the Internet will replace entity hospital hospital? But as background of wuzhen Internet hospital, the hospital or the Internet become one of the feasible scheme of mobile medical fall to the ground. But there is still a long way to go, will inevitably go through several stages.

  The first is online visits. Mobile medical form a lot, there are online interrogation, doctors, community, door to door delivery, etc., but from the point of view of the patient, the ground or special online, only the user habit has yet to develop, a lot of online therapy did not win the favor of the patients.

  In fact there have been many famous mobile medical companies involved in online appointments, such as doctors, most quick user activity good doctor online, the pioneer and wuzhen Internet hospital medical group.

  Spring rain more similar patterns of the doctor and the doctor online, by phone APP to provide patients and doctors online communication platform. In the management of chronic diseases and physiological diseases, from user activity to doctor resources small achievements. But short board is also very obvious, such as the spring rain have set up offline clinic, a compromise of user visits habits, good doctor online endeavoring in triage. Compared to see, the medical group's model seems to be more proactive.

  Register is a micro medical group (network) has accumulated vast amounts of user resources. According to official figures, registered network has access to more than 1900 major hospital, one of 3 armour hospital cover more than 70%. So far, the medical group (registered network) average daily services in more than 70 w, register daily average volume for more than 20 w. Admittedly, registered as the first step in the process, combining the present situation of the offline registration crowded queue, online registration captures the user's spot. Not long ago, baidu announced that register to enter the Internet market, and registered on the importance of the accumulation of user is self-evident.

  Second, resources to the doctor's attention. No doctor, visits online impossible, this is also a lot of mobile medical companies are competing for the doctor resources. Experts put the eye on the micro medical group team, there are nearly 5000 teams of experts to join, has more than 1200 related diseases direction. The advantage is, expert team itself is very large, such as a 3 armour hospital doctors, even grassroots doctors can lead dozens of serie b, indirect completed the collaborative communication between doctors. The other hand, online visits inevitably involves triage, that is where online visits platform of up and down. Micro medical self-help triage system connected by more than 4000 secondary hospital, this really walk in front of the competitors.

  On the basis of the two special online is that the benefits of online doctors enough, reduce the waiting time of users. In addition, the medical group also launched online doctor real-time response function, online communication, every day more than 30 w, 20 w telephone communication happens in micro medical.

  The nature of the Internet hospital still is through the Internet to solve medical problem, can foresee there will be more and more players with online visits. After all, whether Internet hospital or the current network hospitals, special online is the most direct entry.

  Second, how to get through offline hospital. Although doctors more practice and grading diagnosis was noisy, public hospital deans never support any comments. Hospital hospital is different from the Internet network, the former involves the triage and surgical treatment, while the latter only borrow the concept of the Internet.

  Overall, Shanghai and guangzhou some hospital is trying to the Internet, in order to realize the classification and long-distance medical diagnosis and treatment. But for mobile medical treatment, the road is not so easy. A lot of mobile medical companies are trying to get through offline hospital, but due to the policy restriction, process is very slow. Remember when talking to the CEO of a mobile medical company, each other the truth really want to to the local health bureau chief wash your brain. Maybe someone will ask, the main body of Internet hospital is tongxiang wuzhen research?

  To be sure about this, although micro medical group in aspects and many hospitals established, registered and get some hospitals on grading diagnosis and treatment. Wuzhen Internet hospital listed on the main reason is: a tongxiang city government gave great privileges, such as the Internet hospital to allow doctors to wuzhen more registered practicing or free way, and in tongxiang city planning commission for registration for the record. In addition, online prescription, the realization of the function of online payment and policy also a green light. Another point is that in July this year, the medical group and tongxiang signed a contract to build the Internet hospital, the research and the latter from public hospitals, and obtained the independent pricing power. Similarly, a move that also cannot leave the support of the government, on the other hand, financing in the micro medical group may not bad money, but for more mobile medical entrepreneurs are expected to.

  Is a positive signal, wuzhen is applying for Internet hospital medical service qualification, if success is undoubtedly a mobile medical needle cardiotonic. Mobile medical treatment is not in the short term may be independent of traditional outside the hospital deans don't cooperate will become the bottleneck of Internet hospital development.

  Finally talk about the Internet technical problem at the hospital. Many mobile medical and non-technical project has the advantage of model, the cause of this lot, funds, talents, policy restriction, etc., and even some CEO didn't bullish on the future of mobile medical thinking of a piece.

  For the specific technical implementation, in this don't do to explore, but Internet hospital implementation had to solve a few fundamental technical problems.

  1, triage. Wuzhen Internet hospital, for example, there are two kinds of medical model, including make an appointment to see a doctor and immediately, but need to describe the patient be allocated to the various branches of a doctor, although micro medical group has 15000 professional triage team, per suit the reservation amount of more than twenty thousand. But the Internet is directly responsible for medical hospital, wuzhen Internet hospital also has mainly geared to the needs of patients with a history of over, early clinic diagnosis and inspection are completed in various medical institutions. It can be seen that the Internet hospital strict requirements on accuracy triage.

  2, remote diagnosis and treatment. The British community hospital system to implement one of the reasons is community hospital has a variety of physical ability. Internet hospital patients never leave home to complete diagnosis and treatment, this is only another reason for the past history of patients. If Internet hospital to achieve independence had to solve a technical problem, both doctors and patients of online communication platform, to solve the problem of the basis of examination, perhaps and intelligent hardware, medical equipment manufacturers to cooperate is inevitable.

  , the technical challenges of Internet hospital, of course, there are many, no longer to detail here. I want to say is, mobile medical players need to solve the problem of accurate triage and early diagnosis, early and improve the efficiency and convenience of mobile medical. Using the concept of dividends to attract investors blindly, will not one way.

  Starting in 2013 mobile medical attracted a large number of entrepreneurs to join, the beautiful future is built on health care reform. Government-led reform is not optimistic, it is destined to the mobile medical treatment should be the reform enabler rather than to simply beneficiaries. Under this premise, the Internet hospital as a trend.

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